Namastee and Tilakas

Namastee all the way from India, The 4th of September. Our trip to India starts today. We drove to the airport, said one last goodbye to our parents, my sister and boyfriend and got the airplane. Full of excitement. THE ADVENTURE HAS BEGUN.  After hours of watching movies, playing ‘who is a millionaire’ and listening … Continue reading Namastee and Tilakas


WE AND THE INDIAN BOYS NEED YOUR HELP. As said before, Karlijn and I will be doing volunteerwork in India for 4 months. The project we are going to work at is called ‘the boys home puducherry’. This is a home for about 100 Indian boys aged from 4 till 18 years. The boys home … Continue reading Fundraising

NYC Days & Goodbyes

Hi againn, Unfortunately, my last America blogpost is here. I’m so excited to tell you about all my last, fun days here, but realizing that this trip is coming to an end makes me very sad. I don’t wanna bore you with a long introduction so let’s hop on and pick up where we left … Continue reading NYC Days & Goodbyes